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11 points by lojic 4520 days ago | 14 comments overdue.

11 points by lojic 4519 days ago | link

I'd like to know what pg is thinking. Even a tiny bit of communication would go along way, but he seems to have left the building.

If he wants to take 6 months or a year to release the next version, that's fine, but it would be nice to have some indication of a plan regardless of how informal.


9 points by sacado 4519 days ago | link

Maybe you should send him an e-mail and ask him explicitly. He doesn't seem to come here these days anyway... I hope that's not because he's horrified by what we did to his baby :)


1 point by almkglor 4518 days ago | link

I'm a baby eater!!! Wahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Phear m3 & my 1337 Baby-eatxor skillz!!!!!!1


8 points by applepie 4519 days ago | link

Don't worry, according to his own philosophy, pg just has to complete the final (f) step :)

"Here it is: I like to find (a) simple solutions (b) to overlooked problems (c) that actually need to be solved, and (d) deliver them as informally as possible, (e) starting with a very crude version 1, then (f) iterating rapidly."

(On _Six Principles for Making New Things_)


3 points by tokipin 4519 days ago | link

perhaps we can make an 'official' branch on anarki, one that would be guided by pg. so that if he says "add forward closures" or "implement a basic math library" the anarkists can go ahead and do that. because a lot of these features aren't exactly simple or quick to implement, so it may be better to just let pg be the overseer on a lot of them

what do you guys think about something like that?


2 points by lojic 4518 days ago | link

I think you're directing your question to the wrong audience.

I also find find the statement: "we can make an 'official' branch" amusing :)


1 point by tokipin 4518 days ago | link

i know there is already an 'official' one on anarki. i guess it could just be a continuation of that one


1 point by lojic 4517 days ago | link

No, there is not an 'official' one on anarky - that's the point. The only official one is Arc2.tar, and I wouldn't expect the next release anytime soon.


2 points by tokipin 4515 days ago | link

odd. i thought there was a branch that was just bug fixes for Arc2


2 points by almkglor 4515 days ago | link

It's called "stable" ^^


1 point by sacado 4518 days ago | link

That's a good idea, and I think that will eventually be how it will work. But I think it's too early for that : obviously, he wants to completely design & implement the core functions (alone) before working (and let other work) on libraries.


1 point by almkglor 4520 days ago | link


Hey! Hey! But Anarki is still being updated regularly! <watches in horror as nose grows>


1 point by utx00 4518 days ago | link

u get the jist by now ... go write yer own


4 points by almkglor 4518 days ago | link

And call it "Anarki"