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2 points by absz 5824 days ago | link | parent

Hear hear! Let there be libraries! The school year's almost over, and I'll contribute more then. And I second the idea of a list of necessary libraries that stefano proposed.

Also, has anyone else found themselves accumulating a file of utility functions? I have one with a little fewer than 30 functions which I find generally useful. There's probably some duplication of standard stuff, but there are also things that aren't. If other people have these, we might put the common functions on Anarki.

2 points by almkglor 5824 days ago | link

I suggest that such simple routines be pushed onto Anarki then.

As an aside: it would probably be a good idea to start adding docstrings to everything in Anarki; this would help catch duplication of effort.


3 points by stefano 5823 days ago | link

What about automatically collecting every function/documentation pair and putting everything on the Anarki wiki?


1 point by almkglor 5822 days ago | link

Err, I don't understand exactly what you mean, can you expand on this?


1 point by stefano 5821 days ago | link

I mean scanning Arc files or, better, the help* table and gather information in text files formatted in a wiki-friendly format in order to easily put them on the Anarki wiki.

Edit: have a look at the file lib/help-to-wiki in Anarki (just pushed it).


1 point by almkglor 5820 days ago | link

Arki doesn't support tables yet.

Also, Arki supports <arc></arc> tags, which adds the help* table entries as the mouse hover strings on symbols.