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What Makes Software Applications High Quality?
4 points by shlomif 3721 days ago | 1 comment
I hope I get this post right, but there are no syntax instructions anywhere here (not good), and no preview button (also not good), and so I cannot be sure. And it doesn't accept HTML (not good as well).

Anyway I wrote a new essay:

It covers what makes good software applications good. There are some very good comments on, and on the Joel on Software forum. It was briefly popular on Digg and Reddit, but then got down-voted (probably by bot networks).

The list of criteria I give for software quality and for methods of achieving them is not meant to be exhaustive, and I'd appreciate any new additions.

Originally written as DocBook/XML, and so available as HTML, PDF, and the original XML. Licence is Creative Commons Attribution.


      Shlomi Fish

1 point by shlomif 3721 days ago | link

I forgot to note that one can use what I wrote as a checklist for how well their project fares (including Arc or this forum).