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1 point by stefano 4292 days ago | link | parent

> Btw, doctstrings are a real performance killer : they are useless, but are allocated on the heap and fill it up really quick (ah, recursive functions...

Are you saying that you alloc a docstring at every function call?

1 point by sacado 4292 days ago | link

Well, for the moment, yes. Every object appearing in the program has to be allocated (it's not an optimizing compiler yet). Useless objects are not detected, so every time the compiler sees a string, it generates code to allocate it, and it is freed on the next GC cycle. Every time, you call the function, that code is executed. Well, that's an easy optimisation, so I'll work on it very soon I guess.


1 point by stefano 4292 days ago | link

Yes, it's not difficult. You just have to find all constant values, create a global var for each constant, assign the const value to the global var and substitute the occurence of the constant with the global var name.