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3 points by almkglor 4600 days ago | link | parent

Just wondering if it's possible to create a bunch of primitives to do the referencing?

Then possibly we could add to lib-ac.scm.arc:

  (= call* (%table)) ;or whatever the table-creating primitive is
  (%sref-table call* 'string
    (fn (s i) (%string-ref s i)))
  (%sref-table call* 'list
    (fn (s i) (%list-ref s i)))
  (%sref-table call* 'table
    (fn (s i) (%table-ref s i)))
  ; for compatibility with existing Anarki
  (set ref
    (fn (c i)
      (if (%is (%type c) 'string)
          (%string-ref c i)
          (if (%is (%type c) 'list)
              (%list-ref c i)
              (if (%is (%type c) 'table)
                  (%table-ref c i)
                  ; dummy stub for error message, when
                  ; errors are implemented
Then maybe change code-execute* to something like:

  obj fn = SYM2OBJ("fn");
  obj typ;
  goto initjump;
  // most common case, so check it first
  if((typ = type(LOCAL(0))) == fn){
    goto realjump;
  } else {
    memmove(&LOCAL(3),&LOCAL(2), (num_args - 2)*sizeof(obj));
    LOCAL(2) = LOCAL(0);
    LOCAL(0) = table_lookup(GLOBAL(CALL_TABLE), typ);
    //possibly add a check here to see if it's a function
  pc = LOCAL(0)[0]; //or whichever it should be

1 point by sacado 4600 days ago | link

good idea, I'll implement that soon...