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I've not deployed my own Lispy web app just yet (though I hope to very soon), but I can definitely recommend some resources for you that I used when I was doing my research on which Lisp alternative to use for web development.

First, the two main alternatives that I found were the ones you listed above, i.e., the PLT Web Server or Common Lisp w/ Hunchentoot. For the first one, I found two great resources, the first is from one of the PLT team members and is a small series on how to develop a reddit clone with the PLT Web Server--here are the links:





If your looking for a case study on using PLT to develop a website, then check out the paper by the guys at Untyped ( seem to be using PLT Scheme for nearly all of their web-based work--that describes their experiences in using the language/web server:

Paper -

Blog post -

Also, Ethan Herdrick has developed the website Biographicon ( using the PLT Web Server as well.

Now, as for Common Lisp and Hunchentoot, the best example I've found of how to get a site up and running has been the LispCast project which can be found here:

or, if you'd rather just have a direct link to the videos on, you can find those here:

For a good case study check out Brian Carper's blog. He has created a website that showcases his love for Origami using SBCL + Hunchentoot and he's blogged about it quite a bit. To checkout both his personal blog and the origami site, try here:

and here

Those links should be enough to get you started in your research. Wish you luck, and remember to share your experiences regardless of which route you decide to go so that others that decide to follow in your footsteps will have an easier time getting started.