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2 points by kens 4457 days ago | link | parent

Yes, that's what I was looking for: where to put arc2c in the tree.

My next arc2c problems are a) gc.h is missing; do I need to download it somewhere? and b) ‘QUOTE_CONSTANTS’ undeclared - I can't figure out where it gets declared. I'm trying to compile simply "(+ 1 1)".

1 point by almkglor 4457 days ago | link

a) Yes, you need the Boehm GC. What I do is, I comment out gc.h and add #define GC_MALLOC malloc #define GC_INIT()

b) That's a bug


2 points by kens 4457 days ago | link

How do I push changes to the git? "git push" gives me "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly". I set up a ssh public key. Do I need to get authorization from you guys? (I've never done a git push before, so assume I may be doing something stupid.)


1 point by sacado 4456 days ago | link

You're on the collaborators' list now. Just push again, and everything should be working.


1 point by stefano 4457 days ago | link

You'll have to ask sacado to add you to the list of committers.