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1 point by almkglor 4939 days ago | link | parent

LOL. In any case to reduce the possibility of things being screwy I do the following on my C output:

  #define GC_MALLOC malloc
  #define GC_INIT()
The current arc2c output assumes that you have a proper Boehm GC installation, but since I can't seem to get a good install here (prolly something to do with being AMD64 again) I just disable the GC for now.

Hmm, can you try on a later version?

2 points by eds 4938 days ago | link

I finally got arc2c to work (without GC as you suggested). One note though: apparently arc2c relies on rm-global.arc, but doesn't load it by default. So under the current version of the compiler, 'compile-file will error until you (load "rm-global.arc").

Now I just have to get it to work with GC...


2 points by almkglor 4938 days ago | link

Oops. Must have forgotten to add it to arc2c.arc then ^^. Unfortunately I won't be able to fix this until maybe 7 hours from now T.T, haha, I'm in the office ^^

The thing about GC working: well, you need to somehow download the development version of Boehm GC, and, well, that's what's stopping me for now T.T


1 point by eds 4939 days ago | link

Are your latest changes on Anarki? Even after "git pull" I still seem to have the old version.