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1 point by chriszf 4333 days ago | link | parent

Can you give an example of such libraries, off the top of your head?

I am basically interested in small multi-user applications that don't sit on top of relational databases. There really isn't too much information out there on the matter. Everyone seem to want to use a database, even for the simplest things. I suppose that given the pedigree of arc, this flat file storage business seems sensible enough.

Anyway, thanks for the pointer to anarki. I'll take a look at it.

2 points by almkglor 4333 days ago | link

LOL, no. ^^ I don't program web apps much.

For that matter, most languages prefer db's because of the fact that file storage operations don't have, umm, structure.

In fact the canonical Arc web app, news.arc, has a list structure to store in the "flat" file. Thus for simple apps where entities only have a few not very complex fields, textual representations of lists seem to be enough.

In other languages however their "array" syntax (which is approximately what lists are in Arc) is usually not readable by a built-in function a la lisp 'read. Also, their array syntax is usually not the center of attention, unlike in Lisp where the code syntax is itself the "array" syntax.