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1 point by eds 4957 days ago | link | parent

Invite sent.

I am curious how far you got on your implementation because I wouldn't have much of a project if it was already finished.

2 points by pau 4956 days ago | link

Thanks, eds. You can access the code at:

I ended up creating a public copy of my own git repo not to mess with Anarki...

As for your concerns, I think you shouldn't be too worried. Just check it out, there is ample room for improvement, especially in speed, which I understand is your primary objective. No network yet, no threads, continuations are implemented as chains of closures (I honestly don't know better than that)... it just loads plain arc.arc, and I haven't checked it thoroughly.

For me, this was a very nice opportunity to learn about the CPS transformation. Arc is perfect in this respect (only 4 special forms). I'm pretty sure that, as an exercise, it's full of bugs and misconceptions, because I love to learn by doing (and make lots of silly mistakes along the way)...

I'll be happy enough if it helps just a tiny bit...