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1 point by almkglor 5866 days ago | link | parent

Arrg, I've built a sort-of profiler for the wiki, it's on the git, to enable just look for the line:

  (= *wiki-profiling-on nil)
And change it to t, then reload Arki to turn it on. Then use (*wiki-profile-print) to print out the profile report.

Note that turning on profiling increases time by a factor of > 5. Don't use unless desperate.

Anyway a sample run - this page was rendered in about 800msec without profiling, with profiling it took about 5150msec:

  bold: 305
  bolded-text: 914
  nowiki-e: 31
  open-br: 305
  seq-r: 2681
  italicized-text: 793
  many-format: 4830
  plain-wiki-link: 841
  alt-r: 4555
  nowiki-text: 584
  nowiki: 184
  joined-wiki-link: 413
  ampersand-coded-text: 486
  ampersand-codes: 171
  italics: 128
  many-r: 4829
  formatting: 4616
  close-br: 39
Note that the timing will not be very accurate or particularly useful IMO, since it doesn't count recursion but does count calls to other functions. Sigh. We need a real profiler ^^

2 points by raymyers 5865 days ago | link

>> Sigh. We need a real profiler ^^

Maybe this'll help.


1 point by raymyers 5865 days ago | link

Knowing a bit about the call hierarchy, maybe we can squeeze a bit more knowledge out of that. Here's what seems to be going on:

    formatting               4616
    [-] alt-r                4555
     | bolded-text            914
     | plain-wiki-link        841
     | italicized-text        793
     | nowiki-text            584
     | ampersand-coded-text   486
     | joined-wiki-link       413


1 point by almkglor 5865 days ago | link

Hmm, then the total time of alt-r's children is 4031, leaving 524 msec in alt-r itself.

My test page has quite a bit of bolded text (for testing), so I suppose it's the reason why bolded-text is the highest. Hmm.

Anyway I'm thinking of adding the following parser to the top of the big 'alt structure in formatting:

  (= plain-text
    (pred [or (alphadig _) (whitec _) (in _ #\. #\,)] anything))

  (= formatting
Hmm. It seems we can't squeeze much performance out of 'alt, I can't really see a way of optimizing 'alt itself, so possibly we should optimize the grammar that uses 'alt.


1 point by almkglor 5865 days ago | link

Did something highly similar to this, it reduced my 8-paragraph lorem ipsum time from about 3200msec to 2100msec.