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7 points by earthboundkid 4650 days ago | link | parent

You're confusing two things together: the kind of language that is good for creating "quick and dirty" hacks, and the kind of language that one can produce through "quick and dirty" hacks. These two are not the same. Python, for example, is the Q&D hacking language of choice for many people today, but it is not itself quick or dirty at all. That's why people use it. They love the deep library and gestalt of consistent programming UI. Those things sound simple, but as it turns out simple is harder than complex. It's easy to make something complex. Look at PHP. It's hard to make something simple. Look at Apple's products.

The goal for Arc needs to be clarified. Is it, "There oughta be a language for PG to write dirty hacks in?" or "There oughta be a language for PG to write using dirty hacks?" The Unicode decision seems like a clear indication that the latter is the case, and people who were expecting the former are unhappy about it.