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I/O operations in Arc: documentation (
22 points by kens1 4340 days ago | 6 comments

5 points by brett 4340 days ago | link

It's definitely getting the the point where Ken's page deserves a permanent link somewhere on this forum or the arc home page.


3 points by aoeuid 4339 days ago | link

I was wondering, in Python there is a operation, that takes you to the nth byte of the file. Is there anything like that in Arc at the moment?


3 points by kens1 4339 days ago | link

Arc doesn't have any way to seek in a file. The MzScheme (file-position n) operation does what you want. You can use it via a Scheme escape from the Anarki version of Arc, if they haven't explicitly added it already.

file-position documentation:


1 point by sacado 4340 days ago | link

Step by step, this is really getting an excellent documentation... Thanks a lot...


1 point by drcode 4340 days ago | link

Thank you again!


1 point by NickSmith 4340 days ago | link

Top bombing Ken. :)