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3 points by nex3 4612 days ago | link | parent

Okay, here's a new solution:

  (dolist (coding auto-coding-alist)
    (when (and (string-match "[Aa][Rr][Cc]\\\\|" (car coding))
               (eq (cdr coding) 'no-conversion))
      (setcar coding (replace-match "" nil nil (car coding)))))
I'll replace the fix in arc.el.

1 point by lojic 4612 days ago | link

Cool. And thanks for the great elisp examples - I'm just learning elisp (and Lisp in general), so every bit helps.


1 point by nex3 4612 days ago | link

No problem :-).

In my experience, the most important thing to remember when learning elisp is "C-h f", followed by "C-h i m elisp RET".