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7 points by pau 4748 days ago | link | parent

Well, thanks for asking! I personally would add:

  A foreing function interface
Sure I could use the MzScheme for this but I would do it in a "non-standard" way, e.g. it would be my personal hack. But right now, I would jump into programming a web application in Arc if I had an easy (and "official") way to interface SQLite3...

4 points by stefano 4748 days ago | link

Arc really needs a FFI. This would make possible using graphical libraries such as GTK+. I know Arc is web-oriented, but for some type of applications a conventional GUI is simply better.


3 points by sacado 4746 days ago | link

As a matter of fact, I'd love Arc to not be only web-oriented. Anyway, what will the web be like in a hundred years ?