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New: Polls
17 points by pg 4593 days ago | 4 comments
News now has support for polls. There is no explicit link yet on the frontpage; you have to use this url:

Here there is no karma threshold to submit a poll (on News.YC's it's temporarily 200).

4 points by eds 4593 days ago | link

It seems that you can vote for multiple items in polls. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature... it just seemed somewhat odd. (Maybe the poller should be allowed to choose whether users can vote for multiple items or not.)


8 points by pg 4593 days ago | link

It's deliberate. Later I'll add an option to make choices mutually exclusive.


2 points by lojic 4592 days ago | link

This is awesome. I wanted to submit a poll earlier and didn't find anything on the web that was what I wanted, so I was going to write a small Arc web app to do it, but haven't had time.

I predict a flood of polls though :)


8 points by nex3 4592 days ago | link

Poll: How many polls constitutes a flood?