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1 point by bd 4192 days ago | link | parent

The only other reference to "modify-syntax-entry" I found was in slime.el, both for Emacs and XEmacs. lisp.el doesn't have it. There were only two "modify-syntax-entry" lines used, vs. the many in arc.el. Lines 6451-6462 from slime.el:

  (defvar sldb-mode-syntax-table
    (let ((table (copy-syntax-table lisp-mode-syntax-table)))
      ;; We give < and > parenthesis syntax, so that #< ... >    is treated
      ;; as a balanced expression.  This enables autodoc-mode to match
      ;; #<unreadable> actual arguments in the backtraces with formal
      ;; arguments of the function.  (For Lisp mode, this is not
      ;; desirable, since we do not wish to get a mismatched paren
      ;; highlighted everytime we type < or >.)
      (modify-syntax-entry ?< "(" table)
      (modify-syntax-entry ?> ")" table)
    "Syntax table for SLDB mode.")