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Filtering comments based on points
6 points by lojic 4343 days ago | 7 comments
Is there a way to filter comments based on points that I don't know about?

If not, I think that would be a great feature. Sometimes I want to see all the replies, but occasionally, I'd just like to see fewer comments, and points seems like a reasonable filtering criteria.

Now that we have the source, there's nothing to keep someone from writing it, but it might be wasted effort if it wasn't accepted back into news.arc. So, it would be nice to know:

  1) Is this feature going to be added?
  2) If no, would a patch to news.arc be accepted?

3 points by lojic 4343 days ago | link

I'm kind of surprised there isn't more interest in this. Do people have other ways of dealing with the volume? I suppose I could just write a GreaseMonkey script, but it seems better to have it integrated with the forum.


2 points by nex3 4342 days ago | link

The comments page is fine for me.


3 points by lojic 4342 days ago | link

Wouldn't you agree that it depends on what you're trying to do? If you want to read every comment, there is no problem. If you want to only read the 10% highest ranked comments, there is a problem. It's this problem I'm trying to solve, and I assumed others had the same problem. It's possible I was mistaken.


4 points by nex3 4342 days ago | link

Oh, yeah, definitely. I'm just saying that there isn't enough traffic yet for the comments page to outpace my reading, although this will presumably change eventually.


1 point by raymyers 4342 days ago | link

So basically you're talking about something like what Slashdot offers, i.e. customizable filters based on the community ratings?


1 point by lojic 4342 days ago | link



2 points by almkglor 4343 days ago | link

I'm a fast reader^^. Volume? What volume?