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1 point by CatDancer 4509 days ago | link | parent

Being able to call out to MzScheme from Arc would be cool. Then all the "library" parts could be written in Arc.

  (def file-exists (name)
    (scheme-istrue ((scheme-fn file-exists?) name)))
Here "scheme-fn" is a macro that returns an Arc function that calls the named Scheme function, but still expects to be passed Scheme values and returns a Scheme value. Then various functions such as "scheme-istrue" can be used to convert Arc values to Scheme values and back again.

5 points by kens 4509 days ago | link

Anarki provides the $ operator, which allows callout to MzScheme.

I've been thinking that support for a foreign function interface such as SWIG would also be good.


6 points by nex3 4509 days ago | link

Anarki has a macro, $, for just this. In general, I've taken to using $ for what kens refers to as the "library" part. Note, for example, files.arc.


1 point by CatDancer 4509 days ago | link

Very nice!