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Arc presentation at ALU International Lisp Conference, 2009 ?
13 points by lojic 4596 days ago | 1 comment
I'll probably go anyway since it's in the states and I've never been to one, but it would be very cool if pg presented Arc. The timing seems pretty good since it looks like it will be about 13 months from now.

9 points by kennytilton 4595 days ago | link

I saw him speak on Arc at ILC 2003. Paul is a legendary Lisper (he made money with it after 1990! (And wrote two great books (and has evangelized it terribly effectively))), He would be welcome anyway, Arc would certainly seal the deal. What am I saying...

If pg wants to go, he'll be there? I just hope he calls out Norvig for being a traitor and switching to Python. :) A bit of a story here:
Last couple of paragraphs if you want to skip the sales pitch.