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Arc Virtual Servers?
4 points by tjr 4716 days ago | 2 comments
Pardon my ignorance on this topic, but what would be the best way to run multiple Arc web servers on a single physical machine?... all on port 80, that is...

6 points by lojic 4715 days ago | link

I posted a brief Apache config that will accomplish this on another thread:

Just add more Arc processes to the balancer section. Apache listens on port 80 and each Arc process listens on a different port 8080, 8081, etc.

The mod_proxy_balancer module is what many folks use to put Apache in front of a bunch of Mongrel processes when using Rails, the same approach works for Arc, but there are cluster implications (see the parent of the link above because Arc doesn't use a 'shared nothing' approach.

In particular, I think you'd at least want to use sticky sessions so the same browser is always routed to the same Arc process where the correct continuation(s) would reside.


5 points by brett 4715 days ago | link

Some sort of

I got it to work behind apache with mod_proxy. One gotcha I never got around to fixing was getting the arc app to pay attention to the X-Forwarded-For header instead of just using as the remote ip address.