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2 points by nex3 4512 days ago | link | parent

I believe Anarki works on Windows, although I wouldn't swear to it. If it doesn't, patches would be appreciated.

2 points by mec 4512 days ago | link

Forgive my newbness but I've not used git before and don't really have a clue where to start. I did read that you can connect to git repos with other clients (I currently have TortoiseSVN installed) and would love to know how to do that as it would probably be the easier than setting up cygwin and figuring out git. Any help would be appreciated.


3 points by nex3 4512 days ago | link

I think Cygwin is the official way to use Git on Windows, but there's a MinGW that seems to be very functional (

Once you've got one of those installed, the basic workflow I talked about at should work fine.


3 points by raymyers 4512 days ago | link

I would encourage you to go ahead and try using git. However, here's a current snapshot of Anarki you can play with.


2 points by sjs 4512 days ago | link

You can use git as a frontend to an svn repo but I haven't heard about doing it the other way. Because git is a superset of svn it may be possible but a quick search turns up nothing. Setting up cygwin is a snap. I am still a git noob. After an hour or two of reading you'll be able to use the git basics and after a few hours more reading you'll be able to use the basics and actually know wtf is going on underneath.