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7 points by lojic 4511 days ago | link | parent

Not to beat a dead horse ( ), but what platform are you developing Arc on? 'date -u -r' doesn't work on Linux or OS X, so we have to keep patching arc.arc with each new release.

edit: I looked at the patch more carefully and it looks like BSD accepts -r, so the next question is, would you mind adding some platform dependent conditionals?

4 points by pg 4511 days ago | link

I develop on OSX but the code runs on FreeBSD on the News.YC server.


2 points by lojic 4511 days ago | link

I guess I'm confused then. Does the date function in arc.arc work for you on OSX?


3 points by lojic 4510 days ago | link

My bad. In my haste, I simply ssh'd to my Mac and issued 'date -u -r' and didn't take the time to see that it was simply complaining about the fact that I didn't provide an argument for -r. So, I guess it's a problem for Linux, and not for OSX.


3 points by cooldude127 4511 days ago | link

works for me on OS X. both the anarki and the vanilla arc2 date functions produce the same result.


2 points by tjr 4511 days ago | link

Works for me on OS X as well.


3 points by nex3 4511 days ago | link

Anarki should work fine on all Unixes (or at least Linux and BSD-based ones) and maybe Windows.


1 point by lojic 4510 days ago | link

I'd like to stick to the canonical source for a while before I consider forks.


3 points by mst 4510 days ago | link

anarki isn't really a fork any more than -ac is a linux fork.

Nor any less, I suppose.

Draw your own conclusions.