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7 points by kens 5841 days ago | link | parent

There was an earlier patch (first comment under that used mzscheme's date operators and avoided the platform-dependent system insanity. I advocate stamping out use of "system" from the Arc code, as it's almost guaranteed to break on different platforms. If mzscheme has taken care of platform dependence, Arc might as well take advantage of it.

As an aside, I notice that both the OpenID and "Arc at work" use system to do the heavy lifting. I propose a law that any sufficiently complicated Arc application requires use of "system" to get things done.

7 points by almkglor 5839 days ago | link

kens' law: Any sufficiently complicated Arc application requries the use of 'system to get things done.


3 points by lojic 5840 days ago | link

I was hoping that pg could simply put the fix in the arc source, so we don't have to keep patching with each release.