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1 point by ctdean 4593 days ago | link | parent

BTW, some comments on the code walker solution:

These are very hard to get right without hooks into the Lisp environment (at least they are for me!). For example, we always uniqify the variable names, but sometimes that doesn't do what we want. Consider:

  (mac my-assert (val)
    `(unless ,val
       (prn "Assertion failed for " ',val)))

  (new-let wallet 'no-money
    (prn "wallet => " wallet)
    (my-assert (positive wallet))
Where NEW-LET is defined using your NEW-FN. This gives "Assertion failed for (positive gs1449)" when I want "Assertion failed for (positive wallet)".

Also, I don't know if Arc has dynamic variables or not, but if if does those should also not be uniqified.

I'm going to exit this thread now, thanks for the code.

1 point by almkglor 4593 days ago | link

On assertions: it would really be nice to have at least just one extra namespace for local variables, I suppose, with printnames that are the same as the global namespace. new-fn then translates from symbols in the global namespace (which is what read should always emit) to local variable namespace. Aw crick, it's a hard problem.

Also, current bug with this implementation: (fn (do) `(do ,do)) will fail, I'll need to analyze do. And stuff like (fn (b) (tag b (prn "foo"))).