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On Lisp as a guide to Arc
13 points by kens 4383 days ago | 5 comments
I realized that On Lisp ( serves as a guide to much of Arc, both at a high level (e.g. how macros work), and as a guide to specific functions. Some specifically relevant parts of On Lisp are:

  p65: memoize
  p65 complement
  p66: compose
  p70ff: tree operations (trec)
  p100 implementation of "and"
  p116 implementing Arc as an embedded language
So if you're looking into more insight into Arc, (re-)reading On Lisp is likely to be useful. This may be obvious, but somehow I didn't think of it until now.

6 points by byronsalty 4383 days ago | link

all of the anaphoric methods (aif, awhen, aand, ...) are also from On Lisp.


1 point by treef 4383 days ago | link

too bad i boxed the book up with other books during move ... now i will find the on lisp book in 10 years....


6 points by drcode 4383 days ago | link

FYI- It's worth finding, if you didn't know:


6 points by tjr 4383 days ago | link

I've seen the price of a used copy of On Lisp rise over the years... now circa $400? With a PDF available free of charge from pg's website?

I highly value good books, and this is one of the best CS books out there, but even so, I'm surprised at the market value for a used copy.

Not complaining, just observing and wondering. Carry on.


1 point by connellybarnes 4380 days ago | link

I read it online. Physical books are nice, though. I forget that sometimes.