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Auto coercing?
5 points by binx 5973 days ago | 4 comments
(annotate 'cons 'x) now makes an object that is different to an actural pair.

Would it be more consistent that in:

(annotate t x)

if t is a built-in type, then it coerce x to the new type t? If it's a good idea, can we find a proper way to eliminate coerce?

6 points by nex3 5972 days ago | link

It would be nice if both annotate and coerce had a shorter name - especially if they were compressed into a single function. Maybe something like "make?" I like how (make "foo" 'cons) reads. If you really wanted to get short, you could do something like "mk" or "to," which would work better with the annotate ordering.


1 point by absz 5972 days ago | link

I liked the "old" name (in of "tag", but that appears to have gone away so the web library could use it as a name. "make" isn't bad, though.


3 points by bogomipz 5972 days ago | link

This would be great. I suggest naming it "to" or "as";

  arc> (as 'point '(1 . 2))
  #3(tagged point (1 . 2))
  arc> (as 'int "34")


3 points by pg 5972 days ago | link

Good idea.