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2 points by aw 1040 days ago | link | parent

> Would it be much trouble if I started working toward some of these things for Anarki or Amacx?

My aspiration for Amacx is that it becomes a framework that allows you to create the language you want to create. By analogy, similar to how if you're writing a compiler, and you'd find LLVM useful, you can use LLVM as part of your toolchain to write your compiler.

Thus, if you (or someone) wanted to create a particular reader and printer syntax for tables (whether ##ob and v or something else), then you certainly should be able to do that.

I have both an Arc reader and printer written in Arc, but not yet included in Amacx because currently it's too slow. Working on the reader and printer makes the most sense, I think, after finishing my current work on source location tracking (assuming that works out), both because with a profiler it will be easier to see how to speed up the implementation, and because the reader will need to support source location tracking itself.

There's a lot of "if"s here, but in the happy scenario that everything works out, then hopefully adding ##ob and v (or whatever someone wants) will be easy: just add a few lines of Arc code :-)