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Arcon: Arc Conference at YC
7 points by kinnard 525 days ago | 1 comment
I reached out to sctb about YC hosting an arc conference. I figure this would be a good opportunity to rally the arc community, put arc on a good path for the future (arc 4.0.0??).

I feel like this could be done lean and have big impact.

sctb talked it over with dang and said that while it's a "fascinating idea" they don't currently have "the driving energy needed to do such a conference justice."

I proposed that they let the arc community organize it and YC host . . . waiting to hear back.

Of course the real keystone will be pg coming out of retirement to deliver the keynote . . .

What do you all think? On what should we confer?

3 points by i4cu 525 days ago | link

That's a great idea. If you can get pg to keynote I'll definitely check my calendar against your event.