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1 point by akkartik 875 days ago | link | parent

Not quite. The distinction I'm drawing is between ordering the elements based on their intrinsic properties, and ordering the elements based merely on the order they're inserted in.

1 point by kinnard 875 days ago | link

Do you mean other possible orderings like those dependent on the implementation of the map/table/obj structure?

Or orderings dependent on keyvalue pairs not just keys?


2 points by i4cu 875 days ago | link

I think he's just stating their use of the term 'order' is a poor choice when the word 'order' is in fact non-specific. i.e. People use 'order' to categorize things that are stable and have order predictability, but let's not pin the term 'order' to a single variant such as the insertion order.


2 points by kinnard 874 days ago | link

Know a more succinct term for insertion order?


2 points by i4cu 874 days ago | link

Well he gave you a pretty good 'name' which is the topic (semantics I know :).


Journaling infers logging by insertion order.

so jtable, or log-table are good no?

This is kind of niggly stuff. Normally we create something before debates ensue about naming... :)


3 points by kinnard 874 days ago | link

Ah, I overlooked that! I'm unfamiliar with that usage of journal in this context. Just looked it up.


1 point by kinnard 874 days ago | link

I agree. It's a big jump for me to try to implement an insertion-ordered table w/e it ends up being called.

And it's unclear what the behavior should be: