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3 points by i4cu 404 days ago | link | parent

Saw this on reddit and given that it's derived from Arc I thought I'd post it over here.

Certainly these are much more involved than my functions. My aif for example is:

  (defmacro aif [expr & body]
    `(let [~'it ~expr]
       (if ~'it
         (do ~(first body))
         (do ~@(next body)))))
Actually, when I started in Clojure I was using these anaphoric operations a lot, but most of my code has moved away from them (for no particular reason, I just haven't needed them much I guess).

2 points by hjek 404 days ago | link

Racket doesn't have anaphoric macros as part of the core language (although there is a module for that), so that's a bit difficult getting used to when coming from Arc, but I find that pattern matching[0] can be used to the same effect:

    (match 123
       ((and (? even?) it) (~a it " is even"))
       (it (~a it " is odd")))