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2 points by akkartik 324 days ago | link | parent

I just made some tweaks to the Readme. What do you think?

2 points by hjek 324 days ago | link

Yea, I think that's more inviting.

I got to try out the point of compiling and trying out your programs now. `ex8`, `ex9` and `ex10` all segfault here.

Some time ago I was at a wedding, and I was terribly bored, until I found out that the guy to my left was writing washing machine software in assembly. In a way it seems awfully primitive, e.g. your `ex11.subx` is 350 lines long and prints out `.......` but I guess in certain systems it's the only option, and what's underneath it all in any system.


2 points by akkartik 324 days ago | link

Thanks for trying them out!

Those examples expect arguments at the commandline, and I chose not to perform error checking for an example :) The focus lay elsewhere for them. See the comment at the top for each.

ex11.subx is running a test for each of those dots :)