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2 points by akkartik 324 days ago | link | parent

That's a good point. I have similar instructions here, but they're in the second section, 3 screens down..

The audience is assembly-curious programmers, but you aren't expected to know any assembly. I just want to try to hook anyone interested in the goal. If you're interested in a stack you can understand from the ground up, I'm willing to try to explain things to you.

2 points by hjek 324 days ago | link

I might just be outside the target audience, for now. I don't even know any C. Realistically, I think it would have to be spoon-fed to me in some Bret Victor-esque crocodiles and eggs[0] manner for me to not lose focus.

I went through this absolutely fantastic SQL tutorial this week. Perhaps you might find their list of pedagogical principles[1] useful?

I think one thing that potentially could tempt me into low-level code would be making cool tunes[2][3].