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3 points by krapp 603 days ago | link | parent

>Tables are the lists of html

... sorry. Don't know what came over me there.

>and I don't think this change really does that much to the size of the codebase (does it?).

Most of it is the result of moving existing code around, so I think it comes out about even. I don't know how much of a performance issue macro expansion is but there is less of it in the new code, and the HTML itself should be simpler without tables.

>This has me thinking about html.arc....

Racket has its own xml/html library and there is an sml.arc which I haven't played with yet that seems like it might be capable. html.arc seems to do both too much and too little... the attributes blacklist makes it difficult to have modern features like data attributes, and the more macros there are, the more polluted the global namespace becomes.

I've sometimes thought it would be nice if Arc supported css and xml grammar natively, but I have no idea what it would take to actually support that. And I'm probably the only person here who wants to just write html and css directly, rather than use s-expressions or concatenating strings.