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3 points by rocketnia 10 days ago | link | parent

This is a blog post I wrote up about a bunch of programming I've been doing for my Cene language and some related Racket libraries.

I've finally been able to make an extensible `quasiquote` built on what I call hypersnippets. I've also referred to this as "higher-quasiquotation-shaped syntax" in the past, and lately I understand that my hypersnippets are the exact same thing as what people already refer to as "opetopes" in higher category theory.

Building this kind of extensible `quasiquote` operation is a goal I've been pursuing for two years now. Now I can work on polishing up the code, sorting things out, documenting them... and, ultimately, returning to the task I was doing two years ago before I had to go out of my way to figure out hypersnippets: Doing polish and documentation for the Cene language itself.

3 points by akkartik 10 days ago | link

Looking forward to seeing what use you put user-defined unquote macros to!


2 points by rocketnia 10 days ago | link

Thanks! :)


2 points by hjek 10 days ago | link

What is a `hypertee`?