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2 points by i4cu 536 days ago | link | parent

I liked the article, but I'm at a loss as to why that would lead you make CL more notable than other lisp or scheme dialects.

For me, the article makes good points about Lisp in general and makes a good case for lisp vs. non-lisp languages, but other than that it just read like a very good lisp intro.

3 points by akkartik 536 days ago | link

A lot of the reason CL never stuck for me was that the docs are ancient and not very approachable. And I didn't have a guru in my network.

But this write-up clarifies several things that I've never understood. The package system, for example:

If I'd seen it ten years ago perhaps I'd have stuck with Common Lisp. Even if it's large and baroque, it has a lot in it.