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2 points by shader 349 days ago | link | parent

Sounds pretty interesting.

I have this constant problem of dissatisfaction with existing tools and paradigms, to the point that I often work my way down to the bottom of the stack considering building a new OS...

My most recent descent has started with a dissatisfaction of container orchestration tools, then discovering that it's not really easy to manage containers with unprivileged code under Linux, and now wondering about building a microkernel OS / language for distributed actor-model development from the ground up, and thinking it would be nice to have an "OS development framework" so it is easier to experiment with novel architectures without having to deal with a lot of driver development grunt work... I originally asked this question somewhere near the beginning of all that.

2 points by akkartik 349 days ago | link

You're speaking my language :)

Speaking of building a new OS, check out which uses some of the bootstrappable infrastructure to build an OS. It uses a stack-based (Forth-like) intermediate language called G to implement C.