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2 points by i4cu 380 days ago | link | parent

> Complaints about ReCaptcha are fairly common if you look on HN and so on.

Yeah I'm aware of the complaints, but in my mind HN wouldn't be the best resource of information for such an assessment. By default HN members are non-standard in most ways that would matter to ReCaptcha.

It's an interesting dilemma and one that I'm coming up on soon as I plan to release a new app in a few months time. In my case the intended audience for the app is very widespread and not specific to a tech audience. It could be that the vast majority of my users (if I get any - lol) would never have a problem, because the vast majority of people using the net don't know what a VPN is or how to change a cookie setting (just as examples).

I'll have to give it some more thought, but in the mean time, are you aware of any resources on the matter that would be more reflective than HN?

edit: I often find info like this [1]:

  "Different studies conducted by Stanford University, Webnographer and 
  Animoto, showed that there is an approximately 15% abandonment rate when the 
  users are faced with CAPTCHA challenge."

But really I do expect to take some loss when using reCaptcha. The question really becomes is it worth it? After all spam can also cause users to leave and content scrapers can also de-value your product.

3 points by akkartik 380 days ago | link

Certainly, it's an issue only tech-savvy people will have.

However, every step you put users through is a place where your funnel will leak. So in your place I wouldn't turn on captcha until I actually see spam being a problem.

Also, independently, since I am personally ill-disposed towards ReCaptcha I have zero urge to help maintain it in Anarki :) You're welcome to hack on it, though!


2 points by i4cu 380 days ago | link

> So in your place I wouldn't turn on captcha until I actually see spam being a problem


> I have zero urge to help maintain it in Anarki

It's really only a few line of code (probably smaller than a unit test) and it has already exposed json bugs, so I consider it a win all around.

At any rate it's probably verging on discussion overkill for such a small item. :)


2 points by krapp 380 days ago | link

I think it's less important to have Recaptcha or not than it is to have a working POC for interaction with a remote JSON API, and for parsing JSON in general, since that opens up a lot of possibilities. Recaptcha itself is just the low-hanging fruit for that, since it's so simple.

As far as integration goes, we could just leave it up to whomever wants to do the work or make it easily configurable with the default being not to use it at all.


3 points by krapp 379 days ago | link

... well, it's up[0].

I don't know why the tests keep failing, though, it works locally.



3 points by rocketnia 379 days ago | link

It's great to see a JSON API integrated in Arc. :)

I took a look and found fixes for the unit tests. Before I got into that debugging though, I noticed some problems with the JSON library that I'm not sure what to do with. It turns out those are unrelated to the test failures.

I left details about these in comments on the closed pull request, which might not have been the best place:


2 points by krapp 379 days ago | link

The JSON solution is a quick and dirty hack by a rank noob, and I'm sure something better will come along.

And in hindsight the problem with the (body) macro should probably have been obvious, considering HTML tables are built using (tab) and not (table). I'm starting to think everything other than (tag) should be done away with to avoid the issue in principle, but that would be a major undertaking and probably mostly just bikeshedding.