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2 points by christianbryant 920 days ago | link | parent

Appreciate it. I want to just write the code that contacts the server. Some Python pseudocode to represent the basics is below, but that just represents basic socket foo, minus the code for authentication, etc. The code would run through a list of 20+ systems and just connect one by one and log that system's local datetime. The assumption is we're doing UDP communication.

  client = socket
  host = local_system
  data = datetime_query
  remotedata = datetime_response
  target = remote_system

  client.connect (remotehost, port)
  client.send (data, target)
  remotedata.receive (remotedata, host)

  if remotedata:
	print 'Remote system date and time is:', remotedata
	else print 'No data received.'