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Yet another post regarding Arc & Heroku
5 points by matthewwiese 586 days ago | 4 comments
Hey all,

Just registered on the forum after lurking for some time. I was wondering if there has been much progress/change in using Arc with Heroku.

I've checked this [1] thread and will give setting up a Racket app on Heroku a shot after I get back from classes today.

I'm mostly curious about the varied ways the Arc community has for running their code. What personal solutions have you built?


3 points by akkartik 586 days ago | link

I don't really know Heroku, sorry, but to answer your final question: It was a while ago, but I used to host an Arc webapp on a VPS behind Apache/Nginx.


3 points by matthewwiese 585 days ago | link

Cool, thanks for the reply :) I've seen it discussed elsewhere that the way to have SSL (at least with the News example in the repository) is to run through Nginx.

Did that complicate your setup by much?


5 points by shader 585 days ago | link

I've recently discovered the Caddy server (, which makes SSL and application proxy deployments super easy. Like, 2 lines of config:               #uses the domain to automatically set up SSL with Let's Encrypt
  proxy / localhost:8080   #redirect everything to Arc on 8080
I will say that Arc runs a bit resource intensive, and the slightly slow boot times mean you don't want it to have to re-launch because of infrequent requests. I don't know how well it would work on Heroku.

Also, some VPS services like offer $5/mo nodes that have more resources than what you get from Heroku at $7/mo anyway.


4 points by shader 585 days ago | link

I should mention that if what you want from Heroku is their deployment process, you can actually replicate some of it pretty easily with Caddy (though I have not done so yet myself; I plan to soon...)

Specifically, they have support for automatically fetching code from git and running a command in the repo, either periodically or triggered by a webhook:

That doesn't get you the app ecosystem that heroku offers, but you can get a lot of that pretty easily via docker and docker-compose now.