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4 points by akkartik 1631 days ago | link | parent

We don't have access to the actual code running live on the site, but looking at policies from back in 2009 or so, it looks like you may have run afoul of the sockpuppet detector: That's too bad; sockpuppet detection is overkill for a site this niche.

Try it now on some other vote (votes on polls seem to be using the same code as votes on stories or comments). If your vote sticks now, that would confirm my hypothesis. (

5 points by i4cu 1631 days ago | link

BTW I'm thaddeus. I check in once in a blue moon, but decided to vote on this and forgot my password so I created another account;).

And it looks as though, because I created the account seconds before voting, I failed at least one test in 'legit-user':

  new-karma-threshold* 2
It's possible I failed new-age-threshold* too, but I wasn't all that interested in investigating further.

I dunno; I understand the reasoning, but it still seems like a bad design choice. I'd much rather, circumstantially, be put through a better legit-user test on account creation than to see a forum introduction like that. Oh well, the odds are low for a new user to vote on a poll as a first action anyway. I just seem to always beat the odds :) haha.