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Design and due diligence of a language of mine, Cene (
7 points by rocketnia 1602 days ago | 3 comments

3 points by rocketnia 1602 days ago | link

Quite a while ago I silently made the decision to keep my opinions on language design to myself most of the time unless I had a language to show for it. :) Cene has come further along than any language I've made before. Part of that is because I learned some skills at work, and part of that is because I didn't want to bring it here until it was in a very polished state.

Cene has currently stalled a bit as I try to generalize the macro system to support quasiquotation macros, reader macros, and better error messages. This post touches on that topic a bit, particularly the error message part. In the 16 days since this post, I've tried to work on an implementation of this new macro system. My initial attempts were full of errors, and as I keep trying to organize my thoughts, I've learned a lot about Racket macros and category theory, but I still haven't found a way to implement the macro system. In a couple of days I'm planning to write another post about where I've gotten with that and what the difficulties are.


3 points by mpr 1601 days ago | link

Looking forward to hearing more about the development of the macro system!


1 point by akkartik 1602 days ago | link

I meant to submit this post when I first saw it, but forgot :)