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4 points by akkartik 1485 days ago | link | parent

By the way, I was sad that you stopped submitting Tcl links after the one :) Don't be discouraged that there was no discussion on it. Sometimes I can't think of anything to say at the moment, but I still enjoy the link.

4 points by mpr 1485 days ago | link

Hah! Yes, I was a little discouraged. Thanks for letting me know! I have some stuff in mind, expect to see more soon :)


3 points by akkartik 1485 days ago | link

Since I'm on a roll here with my speculatin': also don't correlate how a post is received with how long it takes to get comments. I just didn't see your Y-combinator post for the 8 days before I responded. Which is a complete outlier for me on this Forum and hopefully not a harbinger of things to come.. :/