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pg recommending Clojure
5 points by lojic 1602 days ago | 4 comments

I realize pg has pretty much abandoned this forum, but I admit I was still surprised to see him recommending Clojure instead of Arc in the above tweet.

6 points by zck 1602 days ago | link

I'm pretty sure he's always said Arc is a work in progress, and is not ready for full-fledged production use. I don't think he's ever recommended it to others.

I'm sure part of that is that he doesn't right now want to deal with people making requests for it. And having a userbase would mean that.


2 points by edeion 1598 days ago | link

From what I remember of The Hundred-Year Language, that's pretty much what he said.

Off topic: I don't know how to encourage Arc. I don't even manage to follow the forum. What I know though is that I want Arc to exist. It's a huge mental relief to know it exists.


3 points by jsgrahamus 1601 days ago | link

Perhaps it is because of the larger community backing Clojure?


2 points by highCs 1594 days ago | link

Make me think that an implementation of Arc targeting Clojure or the jvm could be a good idea.