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4 points by brett 4614 days ago | link | parent

Off the top of my head it's the 5 characters you save on calls to apply. Also, as opposed to apply, you keep the function in functional position which seems cleaner to me.

I'll keep thinking about common cases where it's a bigger win. A more elaborate call to apply where you have to compose the list comes to mind:

  (apply func (join lst '(a)))

  (func @lst 'a)

1 point by pg 4612 days ago | link

(apply func (+ lst '(a)))


1 point by lojic 4611 days ago | link

Yours is 71% longer. That does seem significant. Or the auto-expand is 42% shorter. Wow, what are the chances that it'd be 42% shorter when I just watched Hitchhiker's Guide on TiVo the other night?


1 point by nex3 4611 days ago | link

Perhaps... one in forty-two?