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Capturing the Dynamic Environment (
2 points by aw 2158 days ago | 2 comments

2 points by akkartik 2158 days ago | link

This was surprisingly easy to follow considering I was rusty on ccc; I didn't need to consult the definition of ccc because your descriptions made it easy to deduce. Maybe this also makes it a nice tutorial for ccc?!

Another reaction: I wish there was a way to encode such 'derivations' of code in code, so it could lie in arc.arc without seeming inscrutable. It's only inscrutable without your accompanying prose.


3 points by aw 2158 days ago | link


I think for it to be a good tutorial, it ought to do something that's useful on its own. Maybe an implementation of generators or something like that. `capture-dyn` is a useful tool for working with continuations (it seems like), but I think as a tutorial it may be a bit esoteric since you'd already need to know about the interaction of continuations with dynamic scope to see when and why you'd want to use `capture-dyn`.