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1 point by tvvocold 1601 days ago | link | parent

it will open every link include the head of page like "new | threads | comments | leaders | submit" but i dont like these also be open in the new tab,(so many tabs then), any idea?

2 points by akkartik 1601 days ago | link

Do you want to just open stories in new tabs? I think this will do it. Try it and let me know.

   (def titlelink (s url user)
     (let toself (blank url)
       (tag (a href (if toself
                         (item-url s!id)
                        (or (live s) (author user s) (editor user))
               rel  (unless (or toself (> (realscore s) follow-threshold*))
  -                   'nofollow))
  +                   'nofollow)
  +            target '_blank)
         (pr s!title))))
The way to read that is to delete the line that starts with a '-', and to replace it with the lines that start with a '+'. Don't include the '+' itself.