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3 points by brianru 2535 days ago | link | parent

Sweet. I had been wanting to play around with the unit test code too -- i'm excited to see what you've put together.

The oauth utility is also for the LISP contest -- we'll see how far I get over the next few weeks.

Either way I'm planning on uploading a few bits and pieces to Anarki or my own repos over the next couple of weeks. (spent some time on anarki's web.arc, the state machine stuff, oauth, some lazy evaluation stuff, etc...)

Once it's all up I'd love some help!

4 points by zck 2535 days ago | link

Well, if it might be useful, let's do it.

Please let me know what you think -- email in profile, comment here, open bitbucket tickets, find me on the street^1, etc.

[1] Actually, after writing this, I read your profile, and found you're in Hacker School. I'm in nyc too -- we should meet up sometime. Shoot me an email.