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2 points by akkartik 2839 days ago | link | parent

That's a good idea. Did the tests pass without your changes?

I've added a few piecemeal tests over the years (all the .t files in the repo), and there's also some tests in my curated repo ( All those seem ok..


Looks like dfn is a rainbow innovation:


Update 1 hour later: almost all rainbow tests pass! I had to disable the dfn tests, and the ssyntax tests at the bottom of core-evaluation-test were hanging. Other than that it's all good.

2 points by dram 2839 days ago | link


I'll make a pull request later.


2 points by akkartik 2839 days ago | link

Thanks for the commit! I've merged and given you commit rights to anarki.

I've also added/plagiarized rainbow's tests to the repo: Joys of the perl artistic license.

There's still a couple of syntax tests that are failing, likely because of test harness issues. And I'd like to unify all the different tests into a single framework. For future work..


Update 43 minutes later: it turns out rainbow's ssyntax precedence rules were different. Perhaps anarki changed at some point. Those tests are now fixed.


1 point by dram 2839 days ago | link

Thanks, well done.