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2 points by dido 3870 days ago | link | parent

Just a bugfix release, but this is the first version that can actually run news.arc in full. Performance is still rather dismal though, sorry about that, but I'd like to get it to work right first before getting it to work fast. :)

1 point by lark 3867 days ago | link

Can you add in the repository a script for compiling Arcueid?


2 points by dido 3866 days ago | link

I take it you're trying to compile Arcueid from sources cloning the repository on Github. There is no configure script in the source repository because that is automatically generated by autoconf. It is a general rule to never include anything in the repository that is automatically generated. Basically, you need to install the autotools (autoconf, automake, and libtool), the dependency headers (most importantly gmp and readline), and then run autoreconf -i in the main source directory. This creates the configure script and everything else it needs.

As I mention in more detail in Arcueid's README:

    If you are trying to build this by cloning the Git
    repository (git://, you
    need the following prerequisites installed:

   - The autotools: autoconf, automake, and libtool.
   - GNU MP and any development headers (libgmp and
     libgmp-dev on Ubuntu/Debian)
   - GNU Check (, available
      under the package name 'check' on Ubuntu)
   - GNU Readline and any development headers
   - pkg-config (,
     pkg-config on Ubuntu/Debian)

   You need all of this since the process will create a
   complete configure script and all the development
   dependency headers are required for it to generate the
   rules for all the checks configure has to perform.  Once
   all these prerequisites are installed run 'autoreconf
   -i' in the main directory.  This should generate a
   configure script and's, and from there it
   should be possible to do ./configure ; make ; make
Well, there's some interesting stuff in the present git head, such as nested quasiquotes and some stability fixes (stomping out memory leakage and such), although be warned that it isn't always 100% stable.